Yogurt Breakfast


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Serving size: 24 oz


- 4 cups whole milk
- powder bacterial starte or 1/4 cup good quality plain yogurt with live cultures


1. Make sure all of your cooking instruments and storing containers are sterile or the cultures will not be able to grow

2. Pour milk in a heavy bottomed pan and let it heat at medium heat, stirring often so it doesn't burn on. Bring the milk to 180 degrees (if you don't have a thermometer you can look for small bubbles that form around the edged of the pan)

3. Pour the milk into your storage containers and bring to room temperature by setting them in cold water

4. Once at room temperature, remove 1/2 cup of cooled milk and add the 1/4 cup yogurt and mix. Then add this mixture back to your containers.

5. Put saran wrap covering your containers and put in the oven for 24 hours. The oven temp needs to be between 100-110 degrees. This can be obtained by just leaving the light on in the oven or turning it on to the lowest setting and then turning it off once it starts to heat.